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Solar Energy Systems in Times of Disasters

We often say that rainy and cloudy days are the solar energy system’s weakness. But the truth is, in times of disaster like storms, earthquakes, and tsunamis, the solar energy system is what saves us by providing emergency power that can last for days. Further, solar energy systems, especially off-grid types can be easily set-up and used to power essential functions such as hospitals, sanitation, among others.

On the onset and immediately after a disaster, massive power outages occur. The utility company may take days, weeks, and even months to repair and restore electric services.  Lack of access to electricity – creates problems that may even include life-and-death situations. It may range from having no connection due to your phone’s dead battery , difficulties  in running your household because of unusable appliances, to equipment in critical facilities such as hospitals rendered inoperable.  All of these spell doom.

What happens to my solar energy system during a disaster?

Most installed solar energy systems in homes are tied to the grid (like Meralco) and lack mechanisms for storing surplus electricity. Due to this, when power outages occur, your home may also experience the same thing. This is where the battery storage system comes in.

What are battery storage systems?

As the name suggests, this is where you store excess energy. Instead of utilizing the net metering system where you sell your generated excess energy to the utility company, you will store your excess electricity inside batteries. The larger the size of the battery, the more electricity it can store. Also, the more battery you have, the more storage your excess electricity can be put into.

You may contact your contractor to calculate and optimize the size and quantity of the battery storage system you will be needing. This is usually dependent on how large your household or company is, how long the power interruptions are, and the energy consumption of your household or business.

Power Tip: Though DIY is possible, it is safer and cost-efficient to get the services of qualified contractors for installation. This is also done to avoid voiding the warranty of your equipment due to mishandling.  

Importance of Solar Energy System in Times of Disaster

Due to the length of time it takes to have energy from the grid, hospitals may run out of generators for their Intensive Care Units and people may die of dehydration due to lack of clean and potable water. But fret not, for all of these can be solved by solar energy systems. 

Aside from being an environmentally-friendly solution, solar energy systems are much safer in terms of accidents than gas generators, and battery-powered lights that are not usually rechargeable, hefty and bulky, and do not use renewable energy. Moreover, the solar energy system does not produce harmful toxic fumes, gasses or waste. 

For the Communities

Electricity is important in our daily functioning. From our gadgets and gizmos a-plenty to our appliances, we depend on electricity.  

Blackouts may also spell outright danger and death from lack of clean water to power-dependent medical equipment. 

Solar photovoltaic systems can be easily transported, set-up, and used by communities. With proper usage, maintenance, and distribution,  Solar-based electrification projects can serve a community for a long time. 

For Businesses

Long power outages also mean long disruption of everyday living. Your business may also experience reduced operation to full closure. Loss of time, energy, opportunity, and money.

A lot of businesses right now are computing the cost-to-benefits ratio of large solar energy systems, with outages due to disasters playing big parts in the equation. Aside from the savings and profits you gain from the solar energy system, you should also factor in the time, opportunities, and profits loss due to lack of electricity. Electricity is even more  vital for businesses as we now engage more into the virtual world.

Thankfully, solar energy systems with battery storage systems are there to give us our much-needed electricity during and after disasters. Before established and trusted manufacturers sell them to the general public, these two systems undergo strict quality control including testing them under extreme conditions. Further, these systems are adherent to manufacturing guidelines and other pertinent legalities so you can ensure that they can withstand disasters like typhoons, earthquakes, and tsunamis. 

Yuda connects you to trusted and licensed contractors, suppliers, and installers so you can get top-tier equipment and proper and appropriate services. Yuda and our partners are there to help you whenever and wherever you are in your solar energy journey from free quotes and calculations to aftercare and maintenance, we are here for you!

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